Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vegan Street Fair, L.A., March 26 (FREE); Dhr. Seven, Kelly, Wisdom Quarterly

Not satisfied with FREE admission? Get a VIP pass for only $40 extra (
Not yet a vegan? Try a FREE starter kit to set off in the right direction (
Vegan Food Art Show, FREE ENTRY, March 25, 6:00-10:00 PM. Join the monthly Underground Vegan Supper Club by Iris Green at this great space near DTLA (

Colorado guards against Fed POT crackdown

Associated Press (, March 25, 2017); Seth Auberon (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

A bill pending in the Legislature would allow pot growers and retailers to reclassify their recreational pot as medical pot if a change in federal law or enforcement occurs.

It's the boldest attempt yet by a U.S. marijuana state to avoid federal intervention in its weed market.

The bill would allow Colorado's 500 or so licensed recreational pot growers to instantly reclassify their weed. A switch would cost the state more than $100 million a year because Colorado taxes medical pot much more lightly than recreational weed -- 2.9 percent versus 17.9 percent.

The measure says licensed growers could immediately become medical licensees "based on a business need due to a change in local, state or federal law or enforcement policy."

The gov't wants you to smoke, so don't (AP).
The change wouldn't take recreational marijuana off the books, but it wouldn't entirely safeguard it either. What it could do is help growers protect their inventory in case federal authorities start seizing recreational pot.

The provision is getting a lot of attention in the marijuana industry following recent comments from members of President Donald Trump's administration.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer has said there's a "big difference" between medical and recreational pot. More

Friday, March 24, 2017

Off the Mat into the World (YOGA)

Yoga is a tool for change. Rooted in compassion and connection, we are called to awaken to the suffering we and others experience and take wise ACTION in response, creating a peaceful, just, and connected global community. How will we take our yoga off the mat and into the world?
  • Fundraiser with Seane Corn, March 25, 2017
  • Russell Simmons presents, Tantris Center for Yoga Science
  • Yoga: 6:30-8:30 PM, Reception: 9:00-10:30 PM
  • 9200 Sunset Bl., West Hollywood 90069

Why I love the Buddha (song, doc)

The Buddha persisted past the ogre Mara
This documentary tells the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own bewildering times of violent change and spiritual confusion. It features the work of some of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors, who across two millennia, have depicted the Buddha’s life in art rich in beauty and complexity. Hear insights into the ancient narrative by American teachers, contemporary Buddhists, including Pulitzer Prize winning poet W.S. Merwin and the Dalai Lama.

Official music video for Jack Johnson's "Buddha" (Sleep Through the Static)

Alan Watts explains Buddhism (video)

Alan Watts (; Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly

Top 10 Misconceptions about Buddhism (video)

Simon/TT (TopTenz, Feb. 9, 2017); Ashley Wells (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

TopTenzBuddhism is an extremely fast growing practice, and estimates put its adherents at somewhere around one billion (without counting an additional billion Buddhists in China the communist party does not count in its census). 

Earliest depictions of the Buddha: Gandhara art
Although Buddhism is so popular, many in the Western world, where it is barely practiced, have a poor understanding of it. Not only have many people gained a completely incorrect understanding of it, but some attempt to practice it without proper guidance and end up doing it completely wrong and thinking that this is "Zen," a kind of individualistic rebellion against all rules and teachers. Poppycock!

The virg yin Kwan Yin gets more attention.
Now while their hearts are in the right place, it might be wise to find a knowledgeable Buddhist teacher. They do exist even in the Western world, whether because they are Americans who went to Asia to study or are Asians who came to America to teach. And it is possible to learn quite a lot from them. One may also have noticed that nowhere in this introduction have I actually referred to Buddhism as a "religion" or even as a philosophy, and the reason for this is explained below.
Coming up:
10. Religion.
9. Pacifists.
8. Meditation.
7. The Dalai Lama.
6. The Buddha.
5. Paganism.
4. Suffering.
3. Diet.
2. Rebirth (not Reincarnation).
1. Siddhartha Gautama.

Sources/Further reading:

World Festival of Sacred Music

World Festival of Sacred Music (; CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly

Burma's most famous Buddhist monument, the expansive Shwedagon Pagoda complex
Anatomy of a stupa, pagoda (Sky89/Hintha)
The World Festival of Sacred Music-Los Angeles is a citywide festival that takes place in L.A. every three years.

A 16-day celebration of the rich sacred music and movement traditions of the people of L.A., with events produced in diverse venues ranging from the city's major stages to intimate places of worship.

The Aratani World Series of the WFSM
The Festival was initiated by the 14th Dalai Lama in 1999 as part of an unprecedented celebration of the human spirit. The Festival is a largely volunteer and grassroots effort based on the intention to utilize the arts festival model to build genuine community cooperation and understanding. More

RETURN TO MYANMAR with Kyaw Kyaw Naing
The great artist of Burma, Kyaw Kyaw Naing, has lived as a political refugee for 16 years. To witness his music is to enter the deepest regions of the human heart and to dream of another reality -- the reality of hope and ties to the land. More (TICKETS)

The Basic History of Buddhism 101 (video)

Keith Hughes; Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly

Buddhism Explained: Religions in Global History
Keith HughesWhat does a Buddhist practice, believe, live out? What are the basic beliefs of Buddhists? This is an introductory lecture on the basics of Buddhism. Support HHH for more world history videos for the kids! The Hindu lecture might make Buddhism clearer

"Anti-Semitism"? Israel arrests Jewish suspect

(NY) US Jews [that number fewer than 1 million] wrestle with arrest of a terrorist Jew in "anti-Semitic" bomb threats case: Jewish groups had pointed to scores of bomb threats against their communities as the most dramatic example of what they considered a surge in anti-Semitism. Some blamed a far-right emboldened by Pres. Trump. Now, that profitable propaganda, which leads to many more donations from scared and shamed US Jews, has been upturned by the arrest of an Israeli-American Jewish hacker for the crimes (AP).

Bibi: Anti-Semitism in the US is rampant. Why won't Pres. Trump speak up about it? (AP)
Israel arrests hacker linked to threats on US Jewish centers
The US-Jewish terrorist, 19, from Israel
JERUSALEM - A 19-year-old American-Israeli Jew was arrested Thursday as the prime suspect in a wave of bomb threats against U.S. Jewish community centers, a startling turn in a case that had stoked fears of rising anti-Semitism in the United States.
I'm the least anti-Semitic person, Jews.
A 19-year-old dual U.S.-Israeli citizen covers his face as he is brought to court in Rishon Lezion, Israel, Thursday, March 23, 2017.

Israeli police said they have arrested a Jewish Israeli man [terrorist] who is the prime suspect behind a wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers and other institutions in the United States. The police withheld his identity.
New settlements "may not be helpful" (CNN)
The surprising arrest of the man, a hacker who holds dual Israeli and American citizenship, came after a trans-Atlantic investigation with the FBI and other international law enforcement agencies. U.S. Jewish groups welcomed the breakthrough in the case, which had drawn condemnation from Pres. Trump.
Israel passes self-serving law in Palestine (AP)
Israeli police described the suspect as a hacker, but said his motives were still unclear.

"He's the guy who was behind the JCC threats," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said, referring to the scores of anonymous threats phoned in to Jewish community centers in the U.S. over the past two months.
Police banned publication of his name, but said he was a dual citizen and would remain in custody until at least March 30. During the arrest raid, they said he tried to grab an officer's gun but was stopped by another officer. More
Told you. I have the biggest pro-Israel bias.

What is quantum computing? (Mandela Effect)

(IC) The main presentation with Geordie on quantum computing begins at Minute 4:10

STONED RAPPER PHDIn 17 minutes an expert on the subject of quantum computers and computing explains the great potential and danger of taking from parallel universes that must really exist for these $20,000,000.00 D-Wave computers to work.

They are as big as walk in refrigerators to keep components at near absolute zero to do their computations without overheating. And since what they do to be better than silicon chips upsets our reality/universe, it may account for the mysterious "Mandela Effect," covered in earlier posts.

Say the effect is nonsense and not happening, there is still a new world in front of us as this type of computing gains ascendancy from big data manipulators like Google (CIA), Facebook (FBI), and the NSA.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Irish versus American comedy (video)

Spud; Dave Allen; Dhr. Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly
Ireland vs. USA: clips rom The Savage Eye, Hardy Bucks, SNL, and Curb Your Enthusiasm

(DPG) Irish comedian Dave Allen tells a series of religious jokes.

COMEDY: sex, dating, shoplifting (video)

Brittany Wong (Huff Post), VanillaCoolDance; Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
(Lynn Jung) "Dating Rules According to the Buddha" [or at least we hope]
SELFISH SEX, EGOS: "I'm pretty sure you came. Goodnight!" - "I'm pretty sure I didn't."
Brittany Wong (HP)
Sick of dating? Here are 10 comics that will speak to you. Are you at the point where you’re debating deleting Tinder and just having someone else set you up and/or arrange your marriage? If you answer, “Yeah, maybe,” here's an Instagram account by Vanilla Cool Dance that just might speak to you. There's so much swipe fatigue. More

10 Sex and Hookup Tips from Dionne Davenport
Who would Cher Horowitz be without her BFF Dionne Davenport? No one! Obviously Cher has an equally fabulous best friend: Di IS fabulous. Her hats alone put her on a whole other level. Di is snarky, confident, and knows exactly what she wants. She’s not afraid to stand up for herself, especially to her BF, Murray. Dionne is lovable for her fierce style, amazing sarcasm, and her sex and hookup tips!

How to use Tinder
Family Guy (Seth MacFarlane, FOX TV), "Oh, that Quagmire!"

I didn't molest my hot, 17-y.o. high school student. I just like to smile. - Mrs. Fowlkes


Caught shoplifting

I didn't do nuthin. I'm married to an adult.
A white woman was caught shoplifting at a Rite Aid in Hillsboro, Oregon. A hardworking black employee nabbed her to keep her from getting away until police arrived. That's when she went ape. Aggressive white cop threatens her into submission. Shoplifting bread or food in Oregon is punishable by up to 10 years in jail and a $250,000 fine because the law is fair to all.
Tad Cummins, 50, kissed his 15-y.o. student then abducted her, says TBI (

Isolation (What is bordeom?) Mind Field (Ep. 1)

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google Corp., is trying to charge money to watch. But how can it if we're all used to using it for free? It wanted to impose fees but would lose tens of millions of viewers it if did.

Rage Against the Machine...symbolically.
So Google Corp. -- itself a subsidiary of the Alphabet Agencies that give it power, funding, protection, access, and get from it all the help they (CIA, NSA, FBI, NSC, DHS, etc.) want with their domestic and international spying, social control, consent manufacturing, and investigations.

Yes, my pretties.
So the G-men decided to do the more American thing: entice us to want to pay to watch. Introducing "YouTube Red," paid access programming. This is CIA-assisted capitalism, which creates its own funding streams so as not to have to answer to Congress or the government for it secret activities.

FULL MOVIE: The Thinning, featuring Peyton List and Logan Paul, before YouTube starts charging for the privilege. Beware not to get addicted to the service.

The Thinning ft. Peyton List
This kind of capitalism charges us to be spied on and socially controlled. It's no longer enough to carry your iPhone like a "wire" spying on all your friends, relatives, secret meetings (with everyone packing a phone), innermost thoughts, and whereabouts to provide more data points for our own personalized government algorithm, which makes us more predictable and less trouble.
YouTube itself wants to warn us of what's happening, but it can't come right out and say so. So it created this YouTube Red teen thriller, The Thinning (wiki), following the massive success of The Hunger Games featuring Jennifer Lawrence and The Divergent Series featuring Shailene Woodley.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Now take a breath -- a long, deep breath in. Hold it for a count of five. Exhale fully. Repeat three times. Still here? Good! Today and tomorrow, take some time for yourself. Stop. Practice deep breathing. I know it may seem silly at first, but it is an extremely healthy practice.  It really cleans out the mind and brings oxygen to the cells. Practice it three or four times a day. Here's a link to my favorite deep breathing exercise:

Man becomes woman, moves to women's prison

Associated Press (; CC Liu, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
Prison-Industrial Complex wants women: 10 Worst US Prisons (Julia Tutwiler/Mother Jones)
John Becker is for gay, lesbian, transgender, questioning or LGBTQ rights (AP).
First sex reassignment inmate says women's prison is "torture"
Michael and I are gay. I mean Michelle.
SACRAMENTO, CA - The first U.S. inmate to have taxpayer-funded sex reassignment surgery says she is being mistreated since being transferred to a California women's prison, where she now has a beard and mustache because officials have denied her a razor.

Shiloh Heavenly Q. (CDC)
In a hand-written federal court filing, convicted killer Shiloh Heavenly Quine called her new housing at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla a "torture unit."
She said she's unnecessarily isolated from other inmates and denied basic items. State officials say she's being treated like other female inmates. All initially are denied privileges like razors and TVs as they are evaluated.

Quine, 57, had the surgery she had long sought in January and was moved from a men's prison [to a women's prison] last month

She said she is being treated as if she's a newly arrived inmate and denied rehabilitation programs and privileges even though she's been serving a life sentence since 1981.
(California's death row )
Quine is housed alone in a cell but said she still has no privacy to perform required intimate post-operative procedures and is enduring "a restrictive isolation" that is pushing her toward anxiety, depression, and sadness. More

Mythological maps of our Earth (video)

Is our Earth a contoured disc or flat with a cracked dome called the firmament and its rift? Let's see what other cultures believed before we forced our Western theory onto them. Where is the entrance to Agartha, "Middle Earth," and the levels beneath the surface home of its real inhabitants as opposed to us the outliers on the exposed surface?
What do the world's mythologies say about the flat Earth, its dome, Sun, Moon, stars, planets, satellites, rainbows, the Great Flood, the Black Sun, the North Star Polaris, and another urge to engage in Blood Over Intent, our spiritual currency into the center of the plane -- our Divine Destination? Music by Devin Madgy. Email me directly at

NOTE: For anyone new to Earth being flat Earth, this is NOT the video to watch! Watch the evidence videos first by presenters like Eric Dubay. Then Come back after you've digested that mind blowing work. Those channels are designed to lift the curtain and explain the theory from the ground up. In any case, I do not base my argument in this video on there being a flat Earth. This is other research. Some of this information is purely speculative, which I distinguish while I am presenting it. Please feel free to mirror any of my videos on your channel with a link back to mine.